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Managing Director

Tom Cushman
is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and has 20 years experience as a gem trader in Madagascar.  Tom founded and managed the Institut de Gemmologie de Madagascar on a grant from the World Bank.  He has been active in mining policy and development for many years in Madagascar as a consultant to the Ministry of Energy and Mines and is a founding member of the Malagasy National Mines Committee. Tom opened Richfield Investor Services in Antananarivo, Madagascar is 2007 to assist international investors navigate the Malagasy business environment.  In 2008 Tom was honored for his years of service by being awarded Chevalier of the National Order of Madagascar.

Tom speaks English, French and basic Malagasy


Hanitra Razafison (Potsy) is a graduate of the INSCAE (Institut National des Sciences Comptables et Administratives), Madagascar with a Masters in Administration.

Potsy has a considerable experience in Administration and Management. Since joining the firm in 2007, Potsy specializes in company creation and expat worker issues. She is the point person for troubleshooting client problems.

Potsy speaks Malagasy, French and English


Our staff

Soafara Ratsimbaharilala is a graduate of the University of Antananarivo with a Master in Economics and got a Professional Master in Local Development and Project Management in 2007.

Since joining the company in 2008,  Soafara has worked on various matters such as company creation,  imports,  re-exports, customs facilitation and temporary admission,  NGO tax-free status for international organizations (US equivalent 501 (c) (3)) and Malagasy organizations creation.

Soafara assist the law firm with the publication of guides and reports (Aircraft Finance, Getting the Deal Through Mining, due diligence on mining activity authorizations)

Soafara speaks Malagasy, French and English.


Rado Andrianaina graduated as mining engineer from the “Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique d’Antananarivo” in 2005, and received the FGA Gemmologist diploma in 2007.

Rado has 5 years experience working for the Ministry of Mines and other companies in Madagascar in the domain of mining administration, exploration and exploitation. He has experience with gemstones and gold.

He joined the firm in 2008. Since joining, he has worked on alluvial gold exploration, gold geochemical prospecting and environmental reports.

Rado speaks Malagasy, French and English

Angelique Rasolonjatovo graduated with a Masters in Economy and Management from the Catholic Institute of Madagascar in 2005.

Prior to joining the firm in 2007, she has worked as economist for a mining project financed by the World Bank and has gained considerable experience in mining sector in Madagascar.

Since joining the company, Angelique has worked on a number of matters including the Ambatovy land acquisition on which she was team leader.  Angelique specializes in mining and hydrocarbons.  She has experience in detailed due diligence, mining related authorizations, and mining rights processes in Madagascar.  Angelique works with with our associated law firm on research reports in specific fields (e.g: power generating and mining policy in West Africa).

Angelique speaks French, Malagasy, English and basic German

Zoé Rakotonirina is a graduate of the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar with a Masters in Management.

Zoé is an accountant with 9 years experience in many domains.  Prior to joining the firm in April 2010, he specialized in doing financial statements and tax declarations.  Zoé is proficient in accounting software (Ciel Compta).

Zoé speaks Malagasy, French and basic English

Lantonirina Rakotonandrasana (Lanto) graduated with a Masters of management and finance from the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Lanto has 10 years experience in accounting.  She has followed a tax system training at INSCAE (Institut National des Sciences Comptables et Administratives).

Since joining the firm in 2009, Lantonirina handles the bookkeeping, financial reports and payroll processing for client companies.

Lanto speaks Malagasy, French and basic English

Viviane Noro Aina has pursued a high level secretarial training at INSCAE (Institut National des Sciences Comptables et Administratives).

She joined the firm in 2007 as an Administrative assistant and has worked in several matters such as visa processing for foreign workers, secretarial assistance and management of the database of Ambatovy Project. Aina has basic accounting skills and she assists the senior accountants.

Aina speaks Malagasy, French and basic English

Harihaja Ratsimiseta pursued Administration and communication studies at ISCAM (Institut Supérieur de la Communication, des Affaires et du Management).

Harihaja has 6 years experience in secretarial assistance.  Prior to joining the firm in 2008, Harihaja worked in marketing and sales at an exchange office.

Since joining the firm, Harihaja handles the visa for foreign workers processes, fiscal matters, and cash management at the company; she also does secretarial assistance.

Harihaja speaks Malagasy, French and English


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