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Richfield Investor Services can provide you with all the services and assistance you may need for your business in Madagascar.† Richfield can act as your back office leaving you free to attend to your management and technical responsibilities.

Company creation:

Richfield can assist you in establishing your corporation on a fast track. We can help you to complete all the required documents and avoid you wasting any time.† After only a few days, we hand you the newly incorporated company "turnkey".

Visas for you and your staff

Richfield has experienced technicians who can take care of all your visa requirements (Investor/Work Visa, Family Visa, and Employment Permit).

A tourist visa valuable for up to three months is available on arrival at the airport.† This visa may not be extended or changed to a resident or long term visa.

Long term resident visas may be issued to:

- Investors

- Expatriate employees

- Families of expatriate residents

Resident visas allow their holder to:

- Reside in Madagascar longer than three months, have a bank account, become the manager of a company, register an automobile in your own name.

Bookkeeping/Taxation systems:

We understand that bookkeeping and the paperwork involved in running a business can be stressful and distracting. Our job is to take on those tasks and free up the business owner to focus on what he or she does best.

As business people, we know that time is money! The best use of your time and energy is growing your business and improving your products and services.

We can take care of your bookkeeping, to allow you:

  • The time and energy needed to focus on building your business.
  • Security in knowing that your books are in order.
  • Reduced stress and paperwork

You need concern yourself only with the managerial and technical aspect of your work by outsourcing your accounting administration with the knowledge that we can do the job right the first time.†† Richfield can offer you tax saving strategies and business advice.† We can also manage your VAT declarations making sure you never miss another deadline.


We handle the time-consuming tasks of payroll processing and employee payroll tax filing so employers can focus on their business. Richfield can take care of payment by cheque or wire transfer, make tax calculations, fill in forms and take care of statutory employment obligations.

Entrusting us your payroll tasks will enhance your capabilities:

-††††††††† The skills of our service specialists will relieve you from your payroll worries

-††††††††† We process your payroll, prepare and file your tax information and deliver HR and social security compliance solutions for you. Subtract the time it takes to do all this from your work hours and youíll see the savings.


With our experience in recruitment we are here to provide you a fast, efficient and competitive service in both temporary and permanent bookings. We can fill any vacant post in your company.† We can prospect, interview and give you short-listed candidates in order for you to avoid wasting time and energy on a drawn-out process.

Employee secondment

You may need someone full time, or you may need someone immediately before your permanent staff can start. We can supply the people you need on a short term contract basis, a person from our regular organization on temporary assignment to you. We employ and pay the individual who is assigned to work full time or part time for you as suits your needs.

Commercial representation

We are the commercial representative of TerraQuest Ltd in Madagascar. TerraQuest Ltd is an airborne geophysics survey company.

We are happy to consider additional products or services to represent or to help you to find a suitable distributor for your products (e.g. plant and heavy machinery)

Company representation

Richfield serves as the local representative of several organizations who do not wish to maintain a permanent presence in Madagascar.† We can attend meetings on your behalf and act as your spokesman.

Customs facilitation and temporary admission

We can help you to simplify the admission of your goods.† In certain circumstances, we can help you to reduce or eliminate your import taxes & duties for temporary import (e.g. temporary import of drills, helicopters, airplanes, etc...).

Mining permits

Richfield can obtain your mining permits and deal with all administrative procedures concerning them (transfer, transformation, splitting, addition of substance and renunciation).


Richfield has a vast knowledge database to facilitate obtaining all your project authorizations from government (e.g. construction, water use, electricity generation, explosives, fuel storage, road building, port, etc...).

Non governmental Organizations

We have experience in obtaining NGO tax-free status for international organizations (US equivalent 501 (c) (3)) and for Malagasy organizations.

Due diligence

Richfield can assist you in specific research and analysis for an acquisition, merger or joint venture (due diligence).

Legal Services

Sometimes the job requires an attorney.† When we feel that the client needs legal representation or advice beyond Richfield's capacity we recommend that our clients visit our associated law firm John W. Ffooks & Co.
For legal assistance >>>††††††††††††††††††††John W Ffooks & Co


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