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Caldwell Business suites offers its clients assistance depending on their individual needs. Our aim is to provide a comfortable working environment for you and organization in Madagascar.

Secretarial assistance :

Caldwell can handle your correspondence and clerical work in order to give you the time to focus on your business. Our receptionist will answer your phone and take your messages if you are not here. She will direct callers to you if you are in and will make visitors feel welcome with a cup of coffee or tea while they wait for their appointment with you.

Conferencing : Caldwell has a board room for conferences too large for your office. The Boardroom is available by the half or full day.

Vehicle hire : Caldwell can assist you with a rental car or 4 x 4.

Airline tickets : Caldwell can arrange your flight reservation and purchase of airline tickets.

Hotel and restaurant reservations : Caldwell can assist you in making your hotel or restaurant reservations. Caldwell has preferential hotel rates at several of the better hotels in Antananarivo.

Appointments with government agencies or private firms : Caldwell can arrange appointments with government agencies or private firms (at no charge).

Other administrative assistance : The Caldwell secretarial service is at your disposal for photocopying, binding, faxing, and phone calls.


Caldwell Business Suites

Caldwell Business Suites

Caldwell Business Suites

Caldwell Business Suites