Caldwell Business Suites - General presentation

Caldwell Business Suites offers fully furnished offices in a modern, secure building in the Ivandry neighborhood of Antananarivo,

Madagascar with easy access to downtown and the airport. We have offices to suit all size enterprises, from 28 to 85 m2. Offices are available for short or long term rental. Trilingual secretary, receptionist and WiFi are included.

Caldwell also offers conference and meeting rooms by the day. Bring your laptop and you can be in business right away.

Our office manager and her secretarial team will be happy to take care of all your administrative needs.

Faxing, photocopying, conferencing, vehicle hire, airline tickets, hotel and restaurant reservations, appointments with government agencies or private firms.


Caldwell Business Suites

Caldwell and Richfield

Caldwell and Richfield

Caldwell and Richfield