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Bookcases + Shelving

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Bookcases and Shelving

There is nothing as satisfying as a once seemingly ordinary room made over to reflect the things that are most important to you. It’s a place for one-on-one talks with family or friends. And when you can rest in a comfortable chair and curl up with a good book, then you have found the perfect retreat right in your living room. Bookcases and shelving from Bassett display your favorite things and add to that coziness of any room

Our vast collection of bookcases and shelving provide storage as well as a certain sophistication to a room. With a selection of finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find the piece that accents your decor just right. Draw attention to your life’s achievements, or collection of favorite things. Or, simply place your favorite books there – ones that are so good that they warrant repeated reading.

Organizing the Perfect Walls

Arranging bookcases and shelving doesn't have to be hard. With a few quick tips, you can create the perfect storage area for your knick nacks that combines a dynamic mix of colors, shapes, and assorted goods. Make your room sparkle with exciting colors with a few simple considerations in mind.

Choose the right colors. Analyze your room's overall theme first. Look at the other items in your room or what you plan to add to it. What colors are they? What kind of style do they have? For instance, if you're in the living room, consider the style of your couch, fireplace, wallpaper, coffee table, and other items around the room.

Decorate with freedom. Choosing what to add to a bookcase or shelving unit doesn't have to be hard. Mix it up! You could add small potted plants, art, and photos in frames, vases, candles, china, and other cool decorations. Open yourself up and express your personality through the items on your shelves and bookcases.

Use bookcases and shelves for functional reasons too. Bookcases and shelving units are perfect storage areas for all kinds of random items. Leave a small plate on a low shelf to put your keys and wallet in. Add a jar to store your coins. Wire a Google Assistant or Alexa device to make your room smarter. Get creative with your living room!

Keep the number of decorations relatively small. Leave some space between decorations. The last thing you want is a bookshelf or shelving unit filled with too much china in your dining room. Leaving some room between items will make things look uncluttered and clean. Also, be sure to color coordinate all of your items so the shelf or bookcase displays a balanced, even look.

Find a piece that works well with your furniture with Bassett today.

Bookcase and Shelving Styles

We offer several types of shelving and bookcases for any style of a room. If you're looking for extra space to hold your books in your personal library or home office, we have a solution. Looking for a place to store odds-and-ends in your dining room? Look no further than Bassett Furniture.


Bookcases serve many purposes and can do more than just store books. With a blocked-off back, you can rest assured that nothing will fall out of the shelving from the back. This makes storing other items, like trophies, glassware, and other valuables easy and secure. These are perfect for any room in the house.

Library Bookcases

These are the same as regular bookcases, only much larger. Our library bookcases range anywhere from 60" to 100" in width and can store much more than smaller ones. Many of ours are made of solid wood and include drawers underneath the shelves for extra storage. These are perfect for home offices and bedrooms.


Etagere shelving units have an open back and a metal wire-frame style to them. These non-traditional, open shelves generally have a rustic, old-timey style to them and take up very little room. Etagere bookcases add the perfect twist to any room's design without compromising shelf space. We also offer etagere bookshelves with drawers at the bottom for added storage opportunities.

Our design specialists are ready to support your buying journey with expert advice, personalized for you.

Stop by a Bassett Showroom

Stop by a Bassett showroom near you and peruse the latest handcrafted wood bookcases and shelving. Then, when you’re ready to get creative, book an appointment with a Bassett design consultant. Set up your appointment in person, on the phone, or through our website. Let’s put on our creative hats and get busy!

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